Romania in the early seventies – Town life

Romania in the early seventies – Town life

 In the summers of 1972 and 1974 , John van der Woude made long rambles in the Romanian countryside, as a student, with an rucksack, sleeping bag and camera.

Sibiu Center



Sibiu. Cafés and restaurants were always very simple.

Summer in Sighet

Sighet main street

After the finals in Sighet

Progress quantified in Haţeg

Orphanage kitchen in Turnu Roşu

"On one of my very first days in Romania I was given this place as a room to stay for as long as I liked. Sheer, overwhelming hospitality. This is at the back of the house of the (Hungarian) owner, in Sighet."

Negreşti Oaş

Main street in Vişeul, Maramureş.

Grocery shop in Negreşti-Oaş

Lottery stand, Dacia and Skoda cars as first prize. Moldova


"Pillory - my most shocking experience at the time. Good and bad examples are shown to the public. When I took this picture people hurried away from me. See detail below."


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