Romanian General exhibition 1906 presented in postcards

Romanian General exhibition 1906 presented in postcards

Romanian General Exhibition 1906 (June 6 to November 23, 1906) known at that time under the name „Exhibitio daco-romana“ , “Jubilee Exhibition” or “National Exhibition” was designed as a manifestation of Romanians from everywhere and was organized for the celebration of 40 years of reign of King Charles I , 25 years since the proclamation of the Kingdom and 1,800 years after “dismounted” Emperor Traian in Dacia.

Venue: Plain of Filaret, then became Carol Park in Bucharest.

Below are a series of postcards dedicated to the event.

Royal Palace

Statue of Rosetti and Gate



Royal Pavilion



Labor Hall of Craftsmen


Lake Watterschut


Water Chute


Royal Pavilion


View on the lake


Palace of mines and pits


Pavilion of Crown


Austrian pavilion


Directorate of Prisons Pavilion


Tepes Tower


Palace of Justice


Royal Pavilion in perspective


Crown Pavilion


Palace of Agriculture


Tower of Tepes


View of naval battles


Palace of Arts


Roman arenas




View of main gate


The gate


General Directorate of Prisons Pavilion


Casino Theatre


Palace of Agriculture


City Hall


Austrian Pavilion


The Casino , lake view




Lake view


Prison Hall


Royal waitress


Austrian Palace


Civil Hospital Pavilion


The rocks


Arts Palace


W. Staadecker Pavilion , Agricultural Machinery


Administration Pavilion


"Cutitu de Argint " church


Arts Palace




General view


Roman arenas


Port Arthur


Via : Daco Romanica


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  1. Robert Hare says:

    Thank You for sharing these images, i lived in Alexandria for a year and loved it and the culture.
    it sad to see the people in the post cards and
    know that they are gone.

    Thank You again and kind regards,


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