Communist ads

Communist ads

Ads are existed under communism. Although various products often not found, or found very difficult, ironically are advertised.

These are ads that appeared in various books and magazines of the period.


"No meal without ocean fish"


Sponge cake

"Anytime, CI-CO, anywhere"

Manuc Inn

Electro-Mures factory

"5 letters recommend quality Terom"

"5 letters recommend quality Terom"

"Lingerie left in good hands Deval M and Oxatim"

"Small screen includes big world - TV a gift for each family"

"Varnish shoes - always clean"


"Drink wine on occasion - Mineral water in all occasions"

Chemical fertilizers for agriculture

"Happy to have guests - tourist stops in Bacau"


In your home: Lilacs and Mandarin

"The tone make music - tone quality offers Romanian receivers"

"Romarta - the key of elegance" Romarta malls

"Never useless - a beautiful object" - Decoration objects

"Evrika! - Most pleasant bath with Azur , Pygmalion , Azur , Mugurel , Pitic ..."

"CHIMIA - Unknown part of the Galati steel"

"One detergent in addition, domestic care less"

"Adesgo : socks, hosiery, synthetic furs"

"Clean, white as a lily , with Lily"

"Nivea chemical factory , Brasov"


"You want to own the magic formula of elegance?"

"Chicken meat"

"Ocean Fish"


"Pell Amar - beauty products"

"Advertising Agency I.S.I.A.P."

"Advertising Agency I.S.I.A.P."

Via Communism in Romania

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2 Responses to “Communist ads”

  1. Lucas Alan Dietsche says:

    What is the drink “Ci-Co”? is it a juice, wine, or flavored water?

    • anonym says:

      It was a soft drink with citrus taste. I think the name comes from cytrus + cola


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