Fascinating Color Photographs of Romania in the 1930s

Fascinating Color Photographs of Romania in the 1930s

The 1930s was the decade of crisis for Romanian democracy. The world depression exacerbated existing economic problems and sharpened social tensions and thus gave impetus to those forces hostile to the prevailing parliamentary system.

The crisis enhanced the appeal of anti-Semitism among certain elements of society, who used it to rally support for their particular brand of nationalism. Foremost among organizations that made anti-Semitism the ideological core of their new Romania was the Iron Guard, which reached the height of its popularity in the mid 1930s.

1930 – A group of Saxon and Romanian peasants gather at the market place

1930 – A view of Peles Castle on the hill side (Sinaia)

1930 – A view of Queen Marie’s sitting room (Bran)

1930 – A view of the harbor of Constanta

1930 – A view of the palace of the Dowager Queen Marie (Sinaia)

1930 – A young Romanian family poses before they work in a field

1930 – People sit around the Lido, an outdoor swimming pool (Bucharest)

1930 – People sit on the beach and swim in the water of the Black Sea

1930 – People work in the gardens outside a beach side casino (Constanta)

1930 – Three teenage boys pose next to a fence in their Sunday costumes

1930 – Two people stand and sit beside the Danube River.

1930 – Two people stand on a hill above an oil field (Moreni)

1930 – Two women stand and sit outside a tea house (Bran)

1930 – Young men stand in their traditional Saxon church outfits.

1930 – Young peasant boys saw wood outside of a farmhouse

1931 – A view of farmers at work in a field in the Carpathain Mountains.

1934 – A man sits on a wall by a garden belonging to a Greek Orthodox church.

1934 – A man stands guard of Castle Peles, with mountains in the background (Sinaia).

1934 – A priest stands beside a painted church built by Stephen the Great.

1934 – A salesgirl stands by her clothing stand, selling embroidered attire (Bucharest).

1934 – A young man guards the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Carol Park (Bucharest).

1934 – Families of the northern province Bucovina pose dressed in costume.

1934 – Four young ladies stand in front of a fence in silken attire.

1934 – Picnickers traveling in the mountains stop with their wagons to rest.

1934 – The people of Rucar broke from household chores to pose for a photo.

1934 – The people of Rucar broke from household chores to pose for a photo.

1934 – Women work in the garden in front of Bran Castle’s tea house.

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