Hotin Fortress

Hotin Fortress

 It is situated on a territory of the historical northern Moldova .  Construction on the current Hotin fortress was started in 1325, while major improvements were made in the 1380s and in the 1460s.  Under the rule of Stephen the Great of Moldavia the fortress was greatly expanded.  Under his leadership, new 5–6 meter wide and 40 meters high walls were built.  He also added three towers and raised the courtyard by 10 meters. The courtyard was divided into princes’ and soldiers’ halves. He also dug deep basements which served as barracks to soldiers.  This reconstruction brought the fortress to the structure it has today. During 14th-16th centuries the Fortress served as a residence to Moldavian Princes.

The fortress is a large tourist attraction for the area and Ukraine. In 2007, the fortress was named one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. It is also a National Ukrainian Architectural Preserve as of 2000.


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