1964 , An american in Bucharest

1964 , An american in Bucharest

Below are some photos taken by a U.S. citizen in Bucharest of 1964. Not made by a professional but put together the images becomes a quality report.

Photos are made ​​in september. In most national flags placed images observed as celebration. It is about a official visit of the Emperor of Ethiopia that was taking place in parallel.

We should note again that there is no traffic, no ads and no cables or rough road signs similar to those installed today.


Magazine store – Bucharest

Lunch on terrace of Lido Hotel – Tuesday Sept 29/64

Ambasador Hotel Bucharest

View from 11th floor. Ambassador Hotel – Bucharest

Streets crouded night & day – people strolling

Curious Romanians examing Jaguar from N.Y. State

Policeman’s depot. – Bucharest

The University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest

The Russian Church

Kiseleff Bulevard

Baneasa Airport - Rumanian Jews leave Bucharest for Israel

Relatives of jews leaving for Israel

Guide – Romania

Via: muzeuldefotografie.ro

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