ROMBAC 1-11 presentation in 1982

ROMBAC 1-11 presentation in 1982

The first Rombac One-Eleven, (YR-BRA cn 401) a series 561RC was rolled out at Romaero Baneasa factory on 27 August 1982, and flew for the first time on 18 September 1982. Production continued until 1989 at a much slower pace than foreseen in the contract: nine aircraft were delivered, with the 10th and 11th aircraft on the production line abandoned when they were 85% and 70% complete. The first aircraft was delivered to TAROM on 29 December 1982. The Romanian carrier took delivery of all but two of the aircraft produced, with the remaining two going to Romavia, the last of which (YR-BRI cn 409) was delivered on 1 January 1993.




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