Henri Cartier Bresson in Romania 1975

Henri Cartier Bresson in Romania 1975

Henri Cartier-Bresson was the photographer considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.

He was invited to visit Bucharest and Romania in may  1975 , at the celebration of victory over the Nazis.

Below are some pictures made during this journey in Romania.

Bucharest. The first parking meters are received like new toys

Bucharest. The Drumul Taberei district

Bucharest. Gardens of the School of Fine Arts

Bucharest. May 9, 1975. Celebration of victory over the Nazis. Nicolae Ceausescu speech

In a train.

Bucovine region

Bukovina. Dragos Voda village

Bucovina. The Voronet Monastery

Church of Voronet

Region of Maramures

Maramures. Village of Hoteni

Maramures. Bogdan Voda village . Sheep shearing

Maramures. Bogdan Voda village

Maramures. Birsana village . Sunday morning. A peasant in her home

Andrei Pandele, known Romanian photographer, met in May 1975 in Bucharest the world of photography legend Henri Cartier – Bresson. Impressions and experience, presented by Andrei in the movie below.

Interview by Alex Gâlmeanu and Edward Lawrenson, filmed by Alex Gâlmeanu.

Via: Magnumphotos and muzeuldefotografie

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  1. Claudiu says:

    What a pity Bucharest really devolved as far as its inhabitants common sense is concerned. Now there are no parking meters any more and almost all the cars are parked on the sidewalk, what a shame!


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