Romanian banknotes from all times

Romanian banknotes from all times

Below we present few movies with all types of bancknotes that have been used in Romania from 1877 until nowadays .

Our journey starts in 1877 , when were printed the first romanian banknotes to support the independence war against Otoman Empire.

During the Kingdom of Romania were printed lots of types of paper money , each type having many emission data , we remark the 20 lei banknote wich had 32 emission data between 1881 and 1895 , or 100 lei banknote with 44 emission data between 1910 and 1942.

The communist period is marked by a small number of emissions . Were only two important issues of banknotes , in 1952 and 1966.

At the end of the post  we include the last types of romanian plastic banknotes , Romania beeing the fist country in Europe wich used plastic . In 1999 , celebrating the total solar eclipse of 11 august , it was released the 2000 lei banknote made 100%  plastic.

Nowadays we use the second emission of plastic banknotes , issued in 2005.


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